Fine, I’ll talk…

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I just found out that “Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century” (the series, not just the short) is available on DVD and Amazon instant video!!!

You can’t hear me, but the squee is strong with this one…

The title sequence, featuring Tom Jones singing the James Bond-worthy theme. Enjoy! 🙂


I Am Not A Nice Person…

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My friend’s daughter saw that my dog was trying to eat a baby bird, so I sent the dog inside. So far, so good.

My friend and her daughter ended up watching over the bird until it reunited with its family. So far, so good.

But when they were chasing away the crow that they were afraid was going to eat the baby bird? The only thing I was thinking was, “Circle of life, yo.”


Contraception – “I don’t want to pay for it (someone else having sex).”

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You’re already paying for it.

If you have insurance, you’re paying for someone else’s pregnancy;their prenatal testing, and their childbirth, and their complications, and you’re probably paying for someone else’s Viagra.

If a person has a job which gives them a paycheck, not under the table cash or dividends, they are paying for someone else’s Medicare and someone else’s Social Security and someone else’s welfare and someone else’s war.

There is probably no person who is NOT paying for someone else’s something that they would rather not pay for.

My bottom line, I think, is what non-racist question is there for society for which the answer is, “The more babies, the better”?

ETA – actually, the bottom line is that people who can (theoretically) get pregnant are damn-well PEOPLE, who deserve at least as much chance at controlling what happens with their own bodies as any person who cannot get pregnant, but there are too many people who don’t think that to begin with…

I can’t even

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All the news about how shitty the USA is, and how much shittier the Republican politicians are trying to make it – I don’t even know what to say….

Doctor Who – “The Doctor’s Wife”

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I’ve seen at least one person claim that it is now canon that the TARDIS, the Doctor’s life partner, is a woman/female, based on the Neil Gaiman episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.

IMO, this is needless heterosexism and cissexism. In this episode, the “soul” of the TARDIS is forcibly taken from the box and put into a mortal body. In the episode, the body appears to be female before the TARDIS is put into it. What would have been different between the Doctor and the TARDIS if the body had appeared to be male?

They still would have run away with each other, the Doctor would still call him sexy, they would still work together to rescue Amy and “the pretty one” (Rory)…

There is a certain extant to which “wife” is a domestic role, rather than a gender role… OTOH, “Doctor Who” is often described as a “children’s show”, so probably it’s easiest for “wife” to equal “woman”…

Also, the 2011 Christmas special, “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe”- SPOILER

Why does the presumed possession of a uterus make a person (oops, they mean woman) Strong?????

They said that the presumed males were “weak”, in opposition to “women”…

END SPOILERS for Christmas special, season 6 spoilers still…

It was a throwaway line that Canton Delaware III wanted to marry a black man (though he didn’t get what he wanted, booo), why so fucking PC for other people?

EDIT – Would there have been enough on-screen time for a trans* person to register dissonance between the body zie was forced into (as the TARDIS) and the gender zie feels- IDK, but I think that the presentation does not really allow for viewers to make a definitive statement, either way.

EDIT 2 – oy, I mean, if the TARDIS thought of itself as a male, would there even have been enough time in the episode for him to say so? After being forced into a female body?

Tell Me This Isn’t a Ritual…

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I light my torch and wave it
for the new moon on Monday
and a fire dance through the night…
I stay the cold day
with a lonely satellite…

-“New Moon on Monday”, from Seven and the Ragged Tiger by Duran Duran

Is It Still Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

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From an article about finding your way as spiritual seeker: A Neophyte’s Crash Course in Hellenic Polytheism

3) How do I know if I am in the right group/organization/list/forum?

Does the list moderator/ group leader seem to feel he/she is always right and beyond reproach? Do they presume an air of entitled authority because they’re just so much smarter than everyone, or so much closer to the gods than everyone, or have better ancestry than anyone? Do they keep a cadre of cronies to praise their deeds and shout down naysayers? Do they feel they always need to be in the center of attention, and cause drama and insults for those not in their clique?

If so, then you’ve stumbled into a cult. Get out. Now. Run!

If this describes any relationship* that you are in (probably without the part about gods), it is an abusive relationship. Get out. Now. Run!

Edit at 11:42 – “Get out now” is really shitty advice for someone suffering from domestic violence. I think it might be useful for identifying attitudes that help reduce the chances of entering into a (chosen) long term relationship in which domestic violence occurs.

Edit at 12:46 a.m. – also just being able to recognize and name abuse is often helpful.
*NOT only romantic relationships, or domestic violence.